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Episode 1 
How do advisors charge for their services?

Episode 2
Do you give a free consultation?

Episode 3
What are the licenses or experience clients look for in a financial advisor?

Episode 4
How important are credentials for an advisor?

Episode 5
What is a Broker Check?

Episode 6
What does our Firm offer in Services for our clients?

Episode :
Difference between Financial Advisors

Episode 8
Investment Philosophy, What to look for?

Episode 9
What kind of technology do we use?

Episode 10
What is our service model for each individual client?

Episode 11
Do you work as a team?

Episode 12
What makes working with our team unique?

Episode 13
Difference between fee-based advisor versus commission-based advisor

Episode 14
Investing tips for Younger Millenials

Episode 15
What percentage of income to save?

Episode 16
What do we think of Robo Advisors?

Episode 17
Advice to the middle class to start saving

Episode 18
What is a Fiduciary?

Episode 19
How to vet a financial advisor?

Episode 20
Misconception about not being able to get a financial advisor if you have "x" amount of money

Episode 21
What is the most important attribute of a financial advisor?

Episode 22
When to fire or look for a new financial advisor?

Episode 23
Hiring a financial advisor vs. doing it yourself

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