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VIDEO: Why I Became a Financial Advisor

VIDEO: Why I Became a Financial Advisor

February 29, 2024

Part of Phil Rosenau’s journey to becoming a financial advisor included discovering he was wasting time working with Excel spreadsheets instead of working with people. If you’re looking for a financial advisor with a personal touch, watch this quick video to learn how Phil entered the financial industry, and how his experience can help you pursue your financial goals with confidence. 

About Philip

Philip Rosenau is Financial Advisor and Founding Partner at Paragon Wealth Management, a financial services firm based in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, dedicated to professionally supporting, educating, and providing informed direction to each and every client. As a longtime resident of Bucks County and the son of a local entrepreneur, Phil understands the unique needs of small business owners. His clients rely on him to build a manageable road map toward their goals, and he takes pride in providing them with the knowledge to understand their unique financial situation, and helping them navigate their financial future with confidence. 

Phil obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics with a minor in business management from Drew University, and his passion for creating and maintaining business relationships drove him to join the team at Paragon Wealth Management. Outside of the office, Phil enjoys spending time with his wife, Caroline, and two children. He is the current president of the MDM networking group, active with the local CrossFit community, and is also proud to be part of the Drew University Lacrosse Legacy, where he played all four years. To learn more about Phil, connect with him on LinkedIn.