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VIDEO: Gauging Your Risk Tolerance: Building a Portfolio for Financial Independence

VIDEO: Gauging Your Risk Tolerance: Building a Portfolio for Financial Independence

April 02, 2024

I get questions all the time from clients who want to understand risk tolerance. Questions like:  “What are the different types of investment risk?” “How much risk is just right?” and “How much risk is too much?” While those are all good questions, the truth is that investment risk tolerance is unique for each individual; it’s not possible to answer those questions in general terms. 

As a wealth-management professional, the real issue for me is how to help you, while you're accumulating wealth, also match your risk tolerance with your individual financial goals.

Please watch this short video as I talk about how to manage your portfolio by balancing the amount of investment risk you take on with the unique return you want to achieve.

About Charles

Charles McNamara, III (Charlie), is a Founding Partner, Financial Advisor, and President at Paragon Wealth Management, a financial services firm based in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, dedicated to professionally supporting, educating, and providing informed direction to each and every client. Charlie’s passion for working with clients one-on-one to find specialized solutions to pursue their financial goals drives the firm’s client-focused mission and continued success. He values the confidence clients have in him to always keep their best interests in mind.

A veteran of the financial services industry since 2000, Charlie brings an extraordinary level of knowledge and experience to the financial field. After obtaining a business finance degree from Delaware Valley University, he began his career as a financial advisor with Prudential Financial in 2001, and was promoted to management in only three years due to his hard work and dedication. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for helping people solve problems, he launched his own practice in 2007.

When he’s not at work, Charlie spends time with his wife, Lisa (co-owner of local salon Moxie), daughter, Carissa, and their two dogs and cat. He enjoys weightlifting, running, golfing, fishing, and giving back to the community through his church, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, and local organizations, such as the Travis Manion Foundation. To learn more about Charles, connect with him on LinkedIn.