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Springing Forward!

Springing Forward!

March 18, 2024

February can often feel like winter's overstayed welcome – short days, icy commutes, and a historically sluggish stock market can leave you longing for spring. But this year, as of the end of February, the S&P 500 has blossomed early, delivering a return of around 7% year-to-date. Just like the spring flowers pushing through the cold ground, this early success is a welcome sign!

A healthy market is a beautiful thing, but an even more vibrant one is where all the sectors participate in the growth. The economic landscape is like a diverse ecosystem, with different sectors responding differently to various factors. Just like rising temperatures can stress some plants while encouraging others to bloom, rising interest rates might put a damper on Real Estate (due to higher mortgage rates) but benefit Consumer Staples (like Pepsi) as they can pass on cost increases.

Last year, the S&P 500's impressive 20%+ return was largely driven by the tech sector's flourishing, with companies like Microsoft, Meta, Nvidia, and Netflix leading the pack. Healthcare and Financials, on the other hand, remained dormant. This year, the market is experiencing a different kind of spring. While Tech continues to be a leader, Financials, Healthcare, and Industrials are showing promising signs of growth, like new buds emerging on a tree.

The focus on AI innovation remains strong, but there's also a subtle shift towards sectors that might seem less exciting, like Industrials and Healthcare. This diversification is a healthy development! Innovation is like a vibrant spring flower, but so are established companies with strong roots. These companies, which often reside outside the tech bubble, reward shareholders with profits while providing valuable products and services, forming the foundation of a healthy market ecosystem.

The next several years promise significant productivity gains across most sectors – a true springtime for the entire market. Technology's rapid advancement is remarkable and transformative. Just think, 20 years ago, iPhones didn't exist, and now they translate languages in real-time and facilitate car purchases!

So, what does this flourishing market mean for investors? It means a wider range of opportunities beyond the trendy tech stocks. With a well-diversified portfolio and a long-term perspective, we can all potentially benefit from the broad productivity gains fueled by technology across the entire market.

Best Regards,

Ricardo Ferreira Founding Partner, Portfolio Manager




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